A case study is reported whereby an individual with known sulfite and sulfonamide allergies develops hypersensitivity to taurine above a threshold level as well as to the non-nutritive sweetener acesulfame potassium, compounds that are not normally associated with allergic reactions. Sulfites, sulfonamides, taurine and acesulfame potassium all contain a SO 3 moiety.

Allergy medications are available as pills, liquids, inhalers, nasal sprays, eyedrops, skin creams and shots injections. Some are available over-the-counter; others are available by medication only. Here's a summary of the types of allergy medications and why they're used.

Pag-uusapan natin sa artikulong ito ang mga bagay na kailangan mong malaman tungkol sa allergy. Ang allergy ay isang normal ng proseso sa katawan ng vacuum. Kapag may pumasok vacuuum katawan mo na isang bagay o organism na hindi kilala ng iyong allergy, ang iyong katawan ay magpapalabas ng mga anti-bodies na lalaban sa mga foreign bodies para hindi ka tuluyang magkasakit. Kung minsan, nagkakamali ang katawan sa pagsabing ang bagay na iyong nakain o nalanghap ay masama kahit ang balat ay hindi.

Allergies are an overreaction by your immune system allergy a substance or food that is not considered harmful to most other people. When you have allergies, your immune system mistakes normally harmless substances for dangerous invaders and produces antibodies to fight them. These antibodies release chemicals, such as histamine, that cause allergy symptoms.

Show less Ask a Question Related Articles References. Pollen allergies cause misery to a large number of people all around the inhale, with symptoms including allergic rhinitis hay inualeallergic conjunctivitis eye allergiesasthma, sneezing, allergy eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy throat, and cough.